G15 PMN is the concept
of the limited PC,
unleashing your limitless mind.

It is a mind-stimulating,
art-stimulating, logic-stimulating
platform where the computer
is providing a limited but
acutely esthetical set
of impulses: a green-only screen,
1024x768 pixels, and requiring
a physical mouse and keyboard,
steering mostly everything by
snappy keyboard commands.
The platform also has in it
text editing, spreadsheets,
optionally mind-stimulating
g15vid video, robotics FCM,
games and more.
The original source of
G15 PMN programming language
designed by Aristo Tacoma
is here:
The image on top shows screen
when G15 PMN app #5553588
is running. The photo shown
inside the app by Aristo is
taken by, and copyright, Aristo,
please see full acknowledgements
at page 105 in the fashion magazine
BERLiNiB, its 2020/B issue:
Full PDF BERLiNiB 2020/B
Aristo Tacoma is artist name
for S.H.Reusch, with main other
artist name is S.R.Weber.
If you have questions about
G15 PMN and/or projects 
you are welcome to use 
our contact email: