Kids getting their own games out of f3: 
this is kidpop99, getting started with 
more fun graphics in f3 for beginners 
Written by Aristo 
Do you want to make some fun games, soon, so that you 
get your own feeling of control over the computer, and 
that you get very smart, all pepped up with good feeling 
for you are getting to learn how to do things in this 
world all by yourself? You want to make something you 
can share and show to other people, and experiment with, 
play with, have fun with, make more of, and learn even 
about numbers, money and words at the same time? Then 
spend a little time almost every day with learning 
various things about f3, and we'll soon get there!
  How much do you know about numbers? Even if you don't 
know so much about numbers yet, you are sure to learn 
more about them, and about angles and corners and lines 
and much more, simply by changing this little program 
we'll look at in a moment.
  So just as you talk and gesticulate with your hands 
and move your body and touch and dance and all sorts of 
things to say something to humans, then the computer 
understands not very much more except that which you 
type in, all very clearly, line by line.
  It has to get it really spelled out. There is no use 
shouting at the computer, but the good thing is that it 
is very, very obedient to you when you know how to type 
right. So if you type in something -- that is what we 
call a "program" -- you can get wild stuff like
  -- this image
-- and not only this type of fun, but more like it. You 
want to change the numbers, then, put them a little bit 
higher, a little bit lower, and study the results, 
discuss it in class.
  So you type F3 and press ENTER, type B9 and press 
ENTER, and press F12 to get the screen blank and black 
and clear, and type in this stuff very slowly, very 
carefully, and when you then save it -- I think you know 
how to do that -- F2 and ENTER and type MY6 or 
something, some more ENTER clicks, then ESC and you type 
F3 again, press ENTER, and type :MY6  IN   to start it 
up if you called your program MY6. Here is the program 
and before you type it, we'll just look at each line
 (LET  AUTOSTART  <LL                    
 60  (COUNT       
 800  PEN-RIGHT                     
 N1  10  MUL  PEN-DRAW                     
 COUNTUP)  LL>  OK)                      
So that's all there is to make all those lines and stuff   
on the screen. The computer LIKES to work hard for you. 
It is your Personal Computer, your PC. You are its 
master, it is your slave, when you work with F3, which 
is the name of its language, just as you talk with one 
another in English and by touching and whispering and 
all the things you think of. You are very rich and the 
computer is very simple, it must have it spelled out.
  So we'll quickly look at each line, it makes it easier  
to type in: 
 (LET  AUTOSTART  <LL                    
This is just how you start telling the computer that you  
want it to obey you. This <LL is about loving lines. 
 60  (COUNT       
Here is where you put how many lines you want. Be sure 
to notice that ( is soft and < is hard, here it is (.
 800  PEN-RIGHT                     
Here is where you tell the PC to turn the next line in a  
new way. Another time we'll talk about degrees, that 
this is 80 degrees, while 900 is a straight corner.
 N1  10  MUL  PEN-DRAW                     
Here is where you say how long lines you want. N1 is 
counting up, while 10 MUL means multiply by 10.
 COUNTUP)  LL>  OK)                      
And that's it! These lines just finish that which you 
started above, and the LL> tells the PC to wait for you 
to really look at what you've done, before you touch the 
mouse or keyboard and it exits. So, type it in, start it  
up, get it right, then modify it! 
  And so each time you modify it, it may look good or 
fantastic or messy or nothing may come of it, and so you 
learn about all these things without everything having 
to be said to you. You are then a scientists, we might 
say, for you are studying, you are experimenting, you 
are playing and learning at the same time. Good luck!!!