G15 PMN robotics by Aristo Tacoma FIC5: The G15 PMN Avenuege robot by Aristo Tacoma Aristo Tacoma is editor of the BERLiNiB Fashion magazine Aristo Tacoma is an artist name for Stein Henning Reusch Bråten, and his father, prof. emeritus Stein Bråten, is a guide in the robot project G15 PMN FCMiii PROJECT: in GOOD DEVELOPMENT The approach taken by the G15 PMN programming language platform, see www.g15pmn.com which refers to norskesites.org/fic3/fic3inf3.htm, which comes along with a complete concept of a CPU, namely, the G15 CPU [in a practical virtual implementation, or PVI,--ie, emulated, when the G15 PMN is performed in 32-bit or 64-bit x86 or ARM Linux; with some versions also available for MS Windows and FreeDOS], is this: the encouragement of a "first-hand relationship to data", ie, where all, or as many as meaningfully possible, of the elements of the data process are psychologically making sense, directly, to the programmer's mind. This concept, summarized in the phrase 'first-hand programming' as coined by this writer, Aristo Tacoma, in 2006 in connection with the first experiments with this sort of language, in what was called the Firth Platform [the Firth platform still exists], and has its analogy in 'first-hand mechanics' and, by the concept (also by A.T.) of Intraplates, in 'first-hand electronics' which includes 'first-hand digital electronics' as a particular field. While the latter two are mostly, at this stage, in planning, the first-hand mechanics--and, as a sub- field, first-hand robotics, which can be informally spoken of as 'open robotics', is being concretely implemented together with the G15 PMN FCMiii software to steer just such robotics. The FCM, concept, meanwhile, is an articulation of just how far it makes sense to speak of a mentality connected to a robot: in contrast to any pompeous concept with scarcely any insightful philosophical foundation such as "Artificial Intelligence" or "Machine Learning", the FCM concept takes as starting- point that human minds expresses themselves in a variety of forms; and an example is how the genius of Leonardo da Vinci expresses himself in both drawings and mechanical constructions and artworks; his mind is being expressed. The expression of a human mind through first-hand programmed computers and first-hand mechanics is the FCM concept: First-Hand Computerized Mentality. The G15 PMN FCM package is part of the G15 PMN Third Foundation software. A novel form, easier to use with practical robotics, is the FCMiii software. LINK TO THE THIRD FOUNDATION APP, app# 3,333,333: /////Appnum: 3333333 LINK TO THE FOUNDATION3B APP, app# 3,355,888: /////Appnum: 3355888 [this is where we work right now] [when 3b is finished, we continue with i5:] The i5, which is a shorthand for FCMiii, in its essence forms runs in Foundation3B LINK TO FCMiii or i5, app# ___to come___: /////Appnum: ___to come___ A contact email for Aristo Tacoma, who is also editor of BERLiNiB fashion magazine, is berlinib@aol.com.